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Audits and Surveys

Inspect.  Measure.  Act.

Did your sales force put up that display?  How strong is your brand equity?

Use Anstar and our team to audit your display programs by providing real-time pictures of your team's execution.  We also offer consumer surveys to give you insights into your target audience.

Display Audits

Using our worldwide broker network

we pioneered in-store audits in the military.  Now, using mobile devices and web-based reporting, we provide companies with

real-time display audits so that you can measure your team's performance and then act to improve your sales immediately.


Using the same network we can collect customer insights into thousands of inquiries related to brand equity, brand loyalty, preference, competitive comparisons, and more. 

We can deploy surveys online or in-store using our web-based reporting tools.  Collect the data, analyze it, and then enact your plan to build sales.

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